Watch Jennifer Lopez Perform in ‘Marry Me’

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An outsized pop performance strikes some tender emotions in this scene from “Marry Me.”

Jennifer Lopez stars as Kat Valdez, a pop star who had planned to marry another musician, Bastian (Maluma), at a concert before she discovers he’s been cheating on her. She decides to marry a random concertgoer, Charlie (Owen Wilson), instead.

This scene comes after Charlie and Kat have been spending time together, getting a feel for each others’ lives, when Bastian asks Kat to perform with him again at Madison Square Garden, doing a ballad version of their hit song “Marry Me.” Charlie doesn’t attend the concert, but watches at home and is struck by the chemistry between Bastian and Kat onstage. Narrating the scene, the director Kat Coiro said she wanted this performance to be the biggest event of the film to contrast Kat’s superstar life with Charlie’s modest teacher life.

To pull the sequence off, which involves reactions from a packed audience, Coiro and her team filmed the crowd at one of Maluma’s concerts and paired that with footage of Lopez and Maluma performing in an empty Madison Square Garden.

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