Judge John Hodgman on the Family Netflix Account

Ella writes: We have a family Netflix account. I am 18, but every time I switch my profile to allow TV-MA (mature) shows, my dad changes it back. Please order him to let me watch all kinds of shows!

Nothing magical happens when a child turns 18. And that’s why your dad should have figured out years ago that you are a whole human being with a deep inner life who deserves respect and agency. He may argue, “My house, my rules,” but you can tell him that’s just what the Front Man would say about the Squid Game (a show you can watch now). If you have the means, you could buy your own Netflix account. But better to point out: The only thing his censorship has done is drive you to write to a weird 50-year-old fake judge. Is that what he wants for his little girl? You’ll both be happier if he lets go and trusts your judgment, as the actual law now requires.

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