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Shopping for Alarm Clocks

With clocks being set back Sunday, at the end of daylight saving time, it will be hard to deny that winter is on the way, and many of us may feel temporarily out of sorts.

Maybe it’s time for a new alarm clock — especially if you’re using your cellphone to get yourself out of bed.

“It’s beneficial to have your phone out of your bedroom, so it can be a place for sleep and healthy, good-quality rest,” said Nicko Elliott, a founder of Civilian, a New York-based design firm that runs Civilian Objects, an online shop specializing in everyday home goods.

Having a dedicated alarm clock makes for more peaceful nights, without the interruption of notifications or the temptation to check email.

But when you’re choosing one, Mr. Elliott advised, make sure it has a design that’s intuitive and easy to use: “It shouldn’t be so inconvenient that you want to go back to using your iPhone.”

  • Can a travel alarm clock be used as a permanent bedside fixture? It can, Mr. Elliott said, but “from an everyday perspective, you probably want something a little more substantial on the bedside table,” so it isn’t easy to knock over.

  • How do you want to wake up? Many alarm clocks have loud alarms or clanging bells, but some newer models start the day with soothing music or a simulated sunrise.

  • Will the clock support restful sleep? Watch out for analog clocks that tick and digital models that won’t dim, Mr. Elliott said, to avoid late-night annoyances.

Charlie Bell Echo Alarm Clock

Traditional bell alarm clock from Newgate in fire-engine red

$35 at Burke Decor: 888-338-8111 or

Braun BC21 Digital Alarm Clock

Dimmable clock with wireless charging pad, inspired by 1976 Dieter Rams design

$125 at MoMA Design Store: 800-851-4509 or

Arne Jacobsen Alarm Clock

Bell clock with touch-sensor light, based on an Arne Jacobsen design

$149 at Schoolhouse: 503-782-6118 or

Lexon Flip Premium Alarm Clock

Alarm clock that activates by turning it over, by Design Wright

$50 at Urban Outfitters: 800-282-2200 or

OneClock Analog Waking Clock

Clock with peaceful wake sounds by the musician Jon Natchez of The War on Drugs

$299 at OneClock: 720-213-8399 or

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