Nuclear Power as a Clean Energy Tool?

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To the Editor:

Re “Reviving Nuclear Energy Is a Fantasy,” by Stephanie Cooke (Opinion guest essay, April 24):

Meeting the climate crisis and achieving net zero by 2050 without nuclear energy is a fantasy. The reality is that the United States must deploy every tool at its disposal to reach our clean energy goals.

Nuclear power has delivered clean energy for over half a century. It also provides nearly half of the United States’ clean energy today. A resurgence in global, bipartisan support illustrates that nuclear energy’s vital signs are as strong as ever.

Recent commitments made at the U.N. Climate Change Conference and the International Atomic Energy Agency Summit show that world leaders recognize we’ve only begun to see nuclear power’s potential to complement renewable energy sources in the race to net zero.

Here at home, the Inflation Reduction Act’s investment in the existing fleet is a vote of confidence, and state legislatures have considered about 330 nuclear-energy-related bills since 2023.

During my time as E.P.A. administrator, I focused on developing sustainable solutions to protect our air, land and water. As my perspective on nuclear energy evolved, so did my understanding that we cannot take any clean energy sources off the table.

It is our responsibility to live in the real world and pursue all climate solutions, including nuclear energy.

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