On Earth Day, Biden Spotlights Climate Investments to Contrast With Republicans

President Biden announced $7 billion in grants for solar power projects on Monday and tried to draw a contrast with Republicans who want to roll back his policies on climate change.

In remarks at Prince William Forest in Virginia, Mr. Biden said the money from his signature climate and energy law, the Inflation Reduction Act, would help provide solar power for hundreds of thousands of homes in disadvantaged communities.

“Despite the overwhelming devastation in red and blue states, there’s still those who deny climate is in crisis,” Mr. Biden said at the start of a week in which his top officials will fan out across the country to promote his environmental policy. “Our MAGA Republican friends don’t seem to think it’s a crisis.”

He also said the American Climate Corps, a new work force for people hoping to combat climate change, would create thousands of jobs for the next generation.

Mr. Biden’s Earth Day event comes as he tries to energize younger voters, many of whom are disillusioned with the 2024 candidates and infuriated over the administration’s handling of Israel’s war in Gaza.

On Monday, Mr. Biden tried to strike a middle ground when speaking about the turmoil on college campuses. Asked whether he condemned “the antisemitic protesters,” Mr. Biden said, “I condemn the antisemitic protests.” He added: “I also condemn those who don’t understand what’s going on with the Palestinians.”

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